Prism Core 2.0 Changelog | (Updated 10/12/2021)

Prism Core 2.0 Changelog
(Last Updated: 10/12/2020)

Release Notes September 27th, 2021:
(2.0r501 Changelog)

  • Removed Support and Resistance Strategy
  • Added Higher High and Lower Low Strategy
  • Added Flow Mode
  • Removed Status Boxes and replaced with Tables
  • Changed how statuses are calculated for better accuracy of status signals
  • Overhauled long and short calculations and entry signals
  • Removed Strict Reversal from RSI, changed calculation method for Reversal strategy.


Release Notes September 29th, 2021:

(2.0.r502 Changelog)

 Hotfix to how Order alerts are handled for consistency

You will need to do the following for ALL alerts.

1. Enable the alert type in the strategy settings
2. Input / Change the messages into the message boxes that you want to have send alerts
3. Create NEW alerts using "Order fills only"
4. For the alert message, input the following text as is:


While this method is slightly more tedious than the previous, it does ensure consistency between charts and alerts, and updates are rendered the instant orders are confirmed.

Please note, you will still get alert sent on any alerts you have disabled but the custom messages will not deliver. It will just send a blank order fill alert.


Release Notes October 1st, 2021: 

 (2.1.r505 Changelog)


  • Minor tweaks to how alerts are sent.
  • Tweaked Flow mode and renamed to Hedge mode. (see tooltip for more info)
  • Fixed some emojis
  • Added backtesting to Hedge Mode


Release Notes October 12th, 2021: 

 (2.1.r522 Changelog)

  • Changed Methods for TP and SL calculations using strategy.position_avg_price
  • Fixed bug with Take Profit alerts checkbox association
  • Added ATR Stoploss / Take Profit Options
  • Various code improvements
  • Updated code to Pine Script version 5
  • Added 2 more supertrends to Supertrend Lite strategy
  • Removed Stochastic indicator from Advanced Strategy Builder
  • Updated all Prism Core database calculations with version 5 updates
  • Replaced Alligator Indicator with Triple EMA Strategy
  • Updated Multitimeframe functions to look back 1 bar to prevent any concerns with repainting.
  • Added MACD to Supertrend Strategy
  • Added plotting option to Supertrends
  • Changed methods for calculating new timeframes on some strategies for caution.
  • Added method to ensure entries will not be taken when equity reaches 0 to prevent chart errors.