Advanced RSI Strategy [Prism Investor] [Trial Version]



This is an RSI strategy. Obviously.

Note, this is a TRIAL version of the full version of this script. DM for more information.

There are several strategies that people use for the RSI , and one of my favorites is very different than one you have probably heard from every online RSI strategy source.

What you get:

✔️ Tweak a multitude of specific settings (MA lengths, R:R, SL distance etc)

✔️ Enable advanced setup filters
Limited in Trial Version

✔️ Use money management and risk calculations

✔️ Draw trade info directly to chart (eg. SL size in percent, win rate etc)

✔️ Use various filters (eg. time filter, date filter, MA slope angle etc)

✔️ Manage risk per position when auto-trading forex through AutoView

✔️ Choose from various alert conditions!
Disabled in Trial Version

✔️ Sync to any bot or algorithmic trading system